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WiFi can be fast!

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WiFi can be fast!

400 feet, how about 600 feet of WiFi? Sound impossible? The WiFi landscape has drastically improved in the past 5 years…

Altius has completed many projects for small to medium businesses throughout Kingston since the founding. Do you need to upgrade your WiFi? Altius IT Solutions is an experienced installer of the best WiFi and networking equipment in the world such as Cisco, Ubiquity and other enterprise and home solutions. Difficult implementations such as removing WiFi ‘dead spots’ and wireless repeating are all easily achievable if you choose us. A few key technologies have greatly improved WiFi capability. Namely 802.11n 5Ghz band and even more importantly, ‘band-steering’ and ‘beamforming’. Depending on the actual technology used and vendor the hardware comes from, your WiFi router can actually send more signal towards your actual device if you’re actively using it! Intelligent WiFi. It could also home in on the frequencies best used for the time of day/night your using it with.

WiFi is just radio signals after all, and subject to all the benefits and limitations therein such as interference from almost everything, having WiFi that can modulate itself and direct more signal to active users sounds like the future doesn’t it?

Is your WiFi secure? Are you using an old WiFi router or access point that does not even have the capability to use modern WiFi security encryption? WPA2-TKIP is not as secure as WPA2-AES! Both are far better than using the now ancient, WEP or WPA. Let us make WiFi secure, blazing fast and reachable, always, for you!

Purchase and installation of a Ubiquiti WiFi AP can be very cost effective with us. As low as $305 CAD depending on your setup. Check out the Ubiquiti UniFi AccessPoint AC Pro!

Head over to arstechnica for a technical deep dive on Altius’ favorite network gear, Ubiquiti.


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