Kingston, ON


IT Simplified

Altius IT Solutions Inc., offers a range of solutions for residential customers and corporate / business IT needs. Specializing in custom-tailored technology solutions to meet almost any budget.

Corporate / Business IT find these services very beneficial:

  • Network Optimization (WAN/LAN/MAN/WiFi)
  • Internet Connectivity Redundancy of Imrpovement
  • QuickBooks Tailored Solutions (Online/Installed on premises/VPS etc…)
  • Server Infrastructure Installation & Configuration
  • Network Architecture Upgrades
  • VMware Virtualization Solutions or Microsoft Hyper V solutions
  • Domain creation and management
  • Training IT staff in industry best-practices
  • Automatic updates (WSUS/SCCM)
  • Licensing optimization and total-cost of ownership (TCO) assessment
  • General consulting for any/all related IT needs
  • Managed services (Altius IT Solutions Inc. manages all IT operations remotely and on-site as required)

Residential customers often find these services very beneficial:

  • WiFi / Home Network Optimization
  • Home Media Centre Setup (HTPC, KODI, Android TV/Media Players, Apple TV, Rasplex/Rasbmc/Raspberry Pi, Netflix / Streaming Services, Smart TV Configuration, Home Media Server Setups)
  • Network Extensions (Getting your network to another room / into the backyard!)
  • Slow / malfunctioning computers
  • Any other computer-related in-home requirement

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