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IT Helpdesk, Server Administration, VPN & Firewall setup, Enterprise Grade Anti-virus, Hardware as a service, we can do it all.

Solutions Tailored Affordably for You

Each solution we recommend is custom tailored to your needs and budget. You don’t have to break the bank to make information tech work for you!

Save the Stress (and time!)

Altius can take the burden of technology off your shoulders and set you and your company free to focus on your core business.

A few things we’re great at

As mentioned, we specialize…

Web / Email Hosting

We have various packages that range from just email to full-blown websites & unlimited email. Altius’ main page is an example of the type of webpage you could have after our first meeting.

Managed Services (SMB)

Forget worrying about the front office computer locking up ever again while customers wait! We will ensure your technology is running smoothly and you can send us a support request from your desktop!

Enterprise Security

Paired with one of the top IT security firms in the world, Altius IT Solutions Inc can provide you with actual, Enterprise Advanced Enpoint Protection for every device in your office. Even Bob’s iPad.

Backups and Business Continuity Planning

Backups with Altius are safe, secured and compliant with all current Federal Government guidelines (FIPS & PIPEDA!). Our backup solution is by default ‘off-site’ and hosted in Canada.

Examples of our Success

Dental Office

A dental office located in Kingston, ON was in need of a disaster recovery and backup strategy. People working in the office had been victims of the WannCry crypto-locker virus and the Office Manager did not want to risk exposure to the company.


Altius identified their critical data, single points of failure and other risks associated with advanced persistent threats. They were at critical risk due to dental proprietary software that was very out dated.


An advanced endpoint protection software was installed on all office computers to limit exposure and greatly reduce risks, offsite backups were performed to secure the data, in compliance with Federal Regulations and the critical infrastructure was patched to reduce attack vectors.


Network remediation was achieved and no data breaches were detected. The ability for the office to now continue business in the face of a crypto-locker event was secured.


The dental office signed a managed services contract and now has continuous maintenance, security, helpdesk access and peace of mind!

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